As the year 2014 is slowly counting itself down to give way to the new one and with only a few hours to go if you are in the UK or Cameroon, it is the time to reflect on the year at large to show gratitude to those who have truly made an impression. For us being a public relations agency, our job relies heavily on those great people – journalists/bloggers behind those media stations and blogs covering news on the Cameroon entertainment scene.

So as we reflect on our year, our highs and our lows we would like to take this opportunity to say a very massive thank you to these media houses on our list who have been there for us this 2014. Yes we did send out quite a few press releases and contacted many of you to pitch features for our clients and you obliged and made it happen for us. For all of your hardwork, we are extremely grateful. See you in 2015 and we hope our relationship will be much better!!

MERCI A VOUS pour votre soutient au courant de l’année 2014!!

Sweet FM (1)

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