Just in time for the start of a very fashionable 2015 and for our very first fashion related post, the ELLE fashion belles in South Africa have been hard at work to bring us the inside scoop on the 12 hottest trends to keep our eyes on at the shops this year. From fringing to the love-it-or-loathe-it gladiator sandal, these are apparently the fashion must-haves we can’t be without this year. Let’s go!!


Whether it’s the frayed edges of a shirt or a fringed tasseled bag it’s a great way to add measure without taking it overboard.


Judo Closures

Thick belts are a must for spring this season. You could tie anything together with this look.


Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is an essential silhouette this season.


Vertical drop pendant

A must have for Spring 2015 is the vertical drop pendant. From the Art deco movement to Pichulik’s African inspired embellishments the options are endless.


Cropped Top

The crop top is here to stay, with a major direction in both knit and woven tops this season.


Bomber jacket

The number one outerwear item for Spring 2015 is the bomber jacket. Focusing on a variety of contrasting fabrics and silhouettes.


Picnic Checks

Fall brought upon the plaids, but for Spring it’s all about the gingham check.


Army inspired

With a display of riffs on the classic army inspired jacket, military is a must have for Spring 2015.


90-degree shoulders

It’s all about the 90 degree shoulders this season, nothing better to cool off your upper half in the heat.


Flats, slides, and sneakers

Comfortable shoes are here to stay with more diversity, from sneakers to minimal two-strap sandals, there’s something unique for everyone.



Gladiator sandals are a must-have for summer this season. Trending in various styles from minimalistic ankle gladiator sandals to fringed knee-high sandals they are transitional, perfect for almost any occasion.


Crop Top Bikinis

Fringed bikinis and high-waisted bottoms are so last season, athletic inspired crop top bikinis are the new styles for Spring 2015.


What is your favourite trend this 2015? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

Credit: Elle SA

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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