Stanley Enow has certainly not been sitting idly twiddling his thumb for if you know him personally you surely know he is all go go go with work. If it isn’t studio time, it’s an interview, a tv or radio appearance, a video shoot, a tour of the streets to meet his “jongleurs” or his charity works.

Last week saw him reunite with the Njama Njama Cow Remix young Ghananian director David Nicolsey in South Africa where 2 video shoots for 2 separate songs were planned. With a freshness that seems to follow him wherever he goes, in his red and white ensemble and freshly cut hair and an old antique Rolls Royce for company – we get a small glimpse into the King Kong video shoot.


We also get a glimpse into Stanley Enow‘s current life in the public eye as well as a flashback to where it all began with his hit single Hein Père which according to him was a blessed moment in his life.  This was all perfectly captured by Nigeria’s leading online lifestyle portal Ndani TV. Watch his Spotlight below…

Twitter/Instagram: @StanleyEnow

Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

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