With our belief that our primary responsibility as a communication agency lies in the education of our Cameroon public, we equip them with tips to empower and make themselves better thus giving themselves a better chance at success in their chosen business field.

It is not a hidden fact that the Cameroon music scene has  come a long way since 2012 and we are increasingly noticing a steady progression upwards from the talents active within this scene. While there are most who are still playing in it, there are the few who have come to shake up things and cause a ripple. One of such is the young talent by name of Charles Arthur known as Locko who a few days ago released the video to Margo; a love song with all the beautiful and loving trimmings to it. So on our post today, we would like to give you our five things to learn from this video…

1) Charismatic Image: Locko is incredibly charismatic and pleasing to the eye. His smiley personality makes him easily liked giving him a boy next door look which is not constrained to the Cameroon market. With this likeable image, he can use it to his advantage on the international scene. The tip here is to have a proper image which resounds with the majority of your audience.

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2) Video Girl: The Margo video girl was rightly selected down to the last T! Whoever did the casting and subsequent choosing of this video girl must be applauded. Margo in the song is meant to be an extraordinary lady with something that no other girl possesses “nobody is hotter than Margo” and true to this caption the Margo video girl exudes glamour, elegance, style, that something extra which we are prepared to say has not been seen on video girls in Cameroon before. Just like the artist himself, the audience gets captivated and bewitched by her beauty which means we get to see the clip over and over again without even realising. The tip here is to sell something believable to your public one that matches your communication (lyrics).

3) Set styling: The little touches of the video set (burning candles, netting, and white bedsheets) empowered this love song even more creating a beautiful visual to contrast and thus complement the lyrics and the vocals of Locko. The tip here is to be detail orientated, aspiring to always put out dreamy and clean esthetics.

4) Video Angles: Phewww what is a love song without intimacy? We are literally taken behind the scenes on a classy peek at the amorous life of a gorgeous girl and her prince…from close ups to far away captures, dance moves with artistic connotation…we are enticed! The tip here for video producers especially is to always carefully choose their angles ensuring a satisfaction of the audience, the primary consumer.

5) The Song: Well, well, well…it all started from here…the lyrics, the production, the talent of Locko’s vocals and range as well as the diversity of including a little rap verse potentially makes this video one of the BEST videos of 2015. It is an unforgettable song very pleasing on the ears…tip here is to choose your product very carefully! Not all songs you do merit a release.

Finally, we would recommend to Locko and his team that they polish and develop his communication style to enable him maintain a personalised brand.

Thanks for reading! Watch the video below…

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