Stanley Enow has had a great month thus far with excellent reviews and appreciation of his new video release for King Kong a collaboration with Nigeria’s DJ Neptune and Ghana’s David Nicol-Sey to having top features in top notch media platforms.

Jeune Afrique; one of the leading online francophone media platforms with an African focus was very kind to speak to Stanley Enow late last month to get his insight into the music situation in Cameroon as well as his music journey. Follow the interview below


Soundcity TV; one of Nigeria’s leading entertainment television dished out their top ten hits from West Africa “Top Ten West” and Stanley Enow‘s King Kong topped the charts leading up to 11th April. The presenter Moet Abebe even stated that Stanley  “does it big out there.” Watch the episode below

MTV World; it certainly was a delight to hear once more from MTV World’s New York office that they were interested in featuring Stanley Enow‘s King Kong on their MTV Iggy platform after having first approached us last year on Hein Pere and TumbuBoss. As usual the forms were signed and video was sent and the feature followed…catch it below…

Watch the video here:

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Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

So did you guys and girls notice something different? Hope you all like our new look website and your experience on our platform is much better! We had this lovely feedback from South Africa based music artist ZinniaI love the look/feel of your site. Soft and welcoming. Just my observation.” Feel free to drop us your own too 🙂

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