We will be talking fashion from a Cameroon perspective soon on Fashion Business Africa, a portal delivering an informed, analytical and opinionated information about how fashion business is done in Africa. The strategies, logistics, personnel, major moves and nitty gritty that take an idea from its conception to the catwalk, showroom or store.

But before we got down to writing our first article, we were given the opportunity to talk Public Relations (PR) in Cameroon with the FBA team…an excerpt is below…

Screenshot (94)

FBA: What does a PR firm in Douala look like?

CT: ModeMaison PR is a full service PR firm in Cameroon. We handle PR for fashion brands, lifestyle, beauty, movies and music brands. Public relations is so new in Cameroon and this is due to the largely Francophone side. I believe that understanding the concept of PR is really an Anglophone thing. The English people grasp it a lot easier than the French. PR is a battle, although things have changed since I started the agency. The fashion, music and film brands are paying more attention to the public image than they used to. A lot of brands are now going online to improve their brand presence, contacting bloggers and using radio stations to promote their stuff.

For the full chat, please go to Fashion Business Africa

Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

Instagram: modemaisonpr | wardrobe237

Facebook: /ModeMaisonPR

Pinterest: MMPR1

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