It was not the news we were all hoping for, infact we hoped that Cameroon would return with something in the bag but unfortunately it was not to be. Nonetheless, it was certainly a great achievement again for Stanley Enow to be on the list of nominees of such a prestigious annual music event…

Here below was a few words from Stanley Enow to his fans released on his official Facebook page…

Good morning my dear fans.

I am grateful and extremely thankful for your many votes. This year was not ours however, we will work twice as hard to bring back an award the next time.

I came, I saw and I return with double experience! Congratulations to all the winners and here is to next year, God willing! Be blessed!

Bonjour chers fans

Je tiens à vous remercier pour vos nombreux votes. Cette année n’était pas la nôtre, hélas. Nous travaillerons deux fois plus pour revenir à la maison avec un autre trophée la prochaine fois.

Je suis revenu, j’ai revu, j’ai (encore) appris! Bravo aux vainqueurs et à l’année prochaine, s’il plaît à Dieu! Be blessed!

And this is how he turned up for the awards show in black trousers, white shirt and a wine coloured velvet blazer created for him by Cameroon menswear brand Jemann.









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