The rap industry has been known to leave a big impact on society’s behaviour at large. From influencing politics to spending behaviour, the rap industry’s place is certainly quite not so subtle.

As the social sphere continued to witness the lyrical battle between two of its hiphop children, this week while everyone was clapping for Drake‘s comeback response on “Back to Back” about Meek Mill‘s claim that he uses a ghostwriter for his lyrical content, Meek Mill on the other hand has not had it so easy with his ‘diss’ response.

Social media proceeded to drag Meek over “Wanna Know” his rebuttal track to Drake and major corporations too have also not turned a blind eye to the online turmoil. Major brands from the USA, Canada and even Jamaica have been influenced by the current trending social topic with some trying to be witty and hip-hop conscious in their association.

From fast food chains to telephone providers, the brands tried their utmost to join in the conversation and to push their products and services to the millions of fans already engaged and communicating on the topic. With over 10 million tweets on Drake and Meek Mill alone captured online this past month, just how did these brands fare in your opinion? Who had the best tweet? Check them below…

Screenshot (120)

Screenshot (121)

Screenshot (122)

Screenshot (123)

Screenshot (124)

Screenshot (125)

Credit: XXL Mag | Google

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