It is a celebration for us today and what a way to end the week and welcome the weekend! A year ago today we were honoured and delighted to be part of a selected group of individuals asked by Google’s ‘Afro Googler Network’ (AGN) to be part of their Black History Month celebrations in Dublin, Ireland talking about the great continent – Africa!

It was a rather thrilling experience to have received an email from a Google contact mid September last year informing us about their celebratory plans and subsequently inviting us to be a part of it, to contribute and share to their Google employees our knowledge of the African fashion market.

Excitement kicked in as we planned and prepped and exchanged with the contact during the following days and even as we boarded our flight from London to Dublin on the day of the talk.

At the Google European HQ, we were given a quick tour of their high tech but rather cosy and inviting workspace, we were introduced to some fantastic members of the AGN and also to the other amazing panelists over lunch and then our talk dubbed “Let’s Talk Africa” which focused on the business landscape, policy and government, technology and cultural developments in Africa kicked off and it went wonderfully. The theatre space was near full and we also had employees taking part from their desks through a live connection…they are Google afterall and technology is their game!!

Thank you so much for your time and effort on Thursday. We were absolutely delighted with the talk and surprised by how many people had questions that we couldn’t even get to. Our network has seen a massive increase in members since and the general feedback has been very positive. Thank you so much for getting involved with us on such short notice, it really is massively appreciated.” was the feedback we received from one of the leaders of the Afro Googler Network! How chuffed and rewarding!!

Here was our day in pictures…






















It was such a great enriching experience, one which will never be replaced! Thank you Afro Googler Network! Thank you Google Ireland!

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