The concept of Public/Press Relations in Cameroon has come a long way picking up particularly this past year amongst the entertainment and lifestyle brands especially.

Three years ago, many brands were certainly not paying that much attention to how they communicated with their public and the press but things have changed for the better albeit still moving a little too slowly.

Here are some trends which we noticed in 2015:-

2015 PR Trends

1. Launch events:

Launch events have certainly taken a turn for the better in Cameroon and this past year alone, the number of events for product launches (albums, EPs, new brand products), art initiatives, fashion initiatives have increased overall. The organisation and the creative flair behind these events have also improved drastically.

2. Press Conferences:

The use of press conferences to introduce a new brand, product, or new event to media reps has been one of the oldest form of communication in Cameroon and it was still one of the most popular trends of the past year.

3. Use of hashtags:

The use of hashtags for product launches, events, and for voting in award shows has become so popular especially in 2015 that you rarely did not see one being used.

Here are 12 popular hashtags from 2015

Tendances RP 2015

4. Radio / TV appearances:

With the increase of urban radio shows and entertainment televised shows, this trend has become particularly popular amongst music artists, event organisers etc because it connects them directly to their audience who get to hear from them firsthand.

5. Collaborating with influencers:

Influencer / brand relationship building has been one of the newest trend of 2015 which we hope will continue this new year. Popular social media influencers were used at key events providing another way for brands to market their products to old and new audiences.

Here are 2 areas which we would love to see grow this year:-

New Trends

1. Storytelling:

What we are looking forward to seeing is the growth of storytelling in brand campaigns to tell a compelling story about the brand and to connect with audiences on another level. If you can get people to identify with what you are selling, then you’ll convert them into loyal customers.

2. Measuring / Evaluation of PR campaigns:

Tracking views on videos, number of likes and shares can enable you to evaluate the performance of your social media campaign or communication. However, nowadays you can also get a much more detailed analysis by measuring specific outcomes of a campaign, a hashtag, a chat session etc through using specific tools (paying and free). It would be great for brands to start talking in statistics…join brand Stanley Enow and lets talk facts and figures in 2016!

In conclusion, for this new year 2016, we expect these 5 trends to continue trending as well as the continuous use of visual content (photos, videos – we are keeping our eyes out on the growth of Periscope) which according to research shows that written content which contain visuals are much more appealing and are consumed faster than content with plain text.

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