London based Cameroon fashion blogger and influencer Hilda Ngelo who blogs under the pseudo of Mammypi is currently enjoying her break with her siblings on their once a year family Christmas holiday together in Cameroon.

The fashionista has taken this time to also go around sightseeing and visiting other cities including Bamenda, Douala, Yaoundé, Limbe. Whilst in Douala, she also made a stop at our mixed fashion boutique WardRobe which she called “fresh, youthful, sassy” – “I wanted to wear a bright colour there as the concept of the store is fresh, youthful, sassy” she commented.

The fashionista also loved the boutique display layout as well as the items being sold and commented on how excellent our girls Gerda and Christelle were [we thank God!].

On her overall review of her trip to Cameroon, she said it to be “rewarding, great to be home where I am recognised and celebrated.”  She also commented on how she also took the opportunity to explain and “blogducate” most people who took an interest in her work about the basis of blogging quashing the wide view that blogging gave instant cash!

We give her a thumbs up!! Here are some pictures she took…

IMG-20160108-WA0014 (4)IMG-20160108-WA0009 (3)IMG-20160108-WA0010 (4)IMG-20160108-WA0012 (3)IMG-20160108-WA0011 (4)IMG-20160108-WA0013 (3)IMG-20160108-WA0016 (3)IMG-20160108-WA0017 (5)

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  1. I was so warmly received by Christelle & Gerda who are just the perfect faces to represent any brand. I hope WardRobe becomes a household name someday and everyone can stop there for a hastle free shopping experience.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Beautiful post and great presence as usual Mammypi. I love the colors and definitely would check WARDROBE out when next I visit Cameroon. All the best with your work ModeMaison.

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