« Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.» ~ Rollo May

If like us you were hit with the news on Sunday that our powerful Capi aka Magnan aka Rigobert Song was struck down by the dreadful stroke/brain anuerysm, then we are sure in your own way you must have asked the good Lord to be with him and to bring him out of this sound and safe.

The news of the stroke quickly spread like wildfire on a hot summer’s day across the social media platforms with it culminating on Monday afternoon from several un-confirmed / un-associated sources that Capi had passed away – how cruel.


What struck us was the fact that there has been no designated official spokesperson for Song to act as a source of information for the public and news medias and to put to bed all the vile rumours and made up stories surrounding the situation (the official Fecafoot Twitter profile has not even shared the news!).

Given the fact that Song has lived a public life for a number of years, a personal staff which SHOULD include an official spokesperson or PR representative is a priority especially in this day and age of social media virality. But all we have seen so far is updates from this person who knows that person or regurgitated information from online sites with no real verification…for a personality of his stature that is a PR disaster at a high level!

Here are some recommendations of what should have happened:

  1. Set up a social media profile (Facebook which feeds to Twitter or just a Twitter account)
  2. Designate an official spokesperson (capable of expressing in both English and French.)
  3. Decide on the message (including visual) that you want the public to know and stick to that.
  4. Hold a news conference to inform the public on the situation – facts only.
  5. Keep the online profile updated at least daily.
  6. Interact with the public – reply to their ‘get well soon’ posts, share/retweet messages – bring them close and show them you are appreciative of their thoughts and support at this difficult time.

In all of this, we wish our Capi a speedy recovery.

Credit: Google Images

Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

Instagram: @modemaisonpr

Facebook: @ModeMaison PR

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