With over 500 million active accounts and 300 million daily users, Instagram is undoubtedly our BEST social media platform! We love the creative visual control it offers to its users.


Instagram is undoubtedly one of our favourite social media platform and we spend countless hours preparing our content for this platform which we share to our followers practically daily in French and in English.

So when it was our turn to host #PRChatAfrica (now) weekly Twitter chat session, we naturally only had one topic in mind – How to use Instagram for Business!

If you missed it yesterday, do not worry! We have the chat session all Storified for you to have a good ol’ catch up. Just click below…

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“A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above. A precious little angel to cherish and to love.”

In true celebrity style, Cameroon’s socialite Nathalie Koah welcomed her first child – a daughter named Beverly Nayla about two weeks ago at the renowned celebrity hospital and maternity unit Cedars Sinai in Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles California.


Having a baby is one of the most important events for a family. According to Cedars Sinai, mothers to be can take comfort in the knowledge that they will receive the highest level of care. Every mother and baby is special to them and the new mothers give birth in beautifully decorated private labour-delivery-recovery rooms.


These rooms furnished in soft colours, recessed lighting and coordinated bedding and drapery provide the mother to be with a sense of home. The special touches, including full-sized tubs for relaxation during labour and comfortable birthing beds also add to the mother’s comfort and all these come at a price of between USD 2,800 to USD 4,000 a night. Yes you read that right!!

Nathalie Koah had her baby around the 12th of October and left the hospital around the 17th of October (according to her posts), for a 5 five night’s stay at this facility brings her maternity room bill only to a cost of between USD 14,000 to USD 20,000.

Posted by NK on 17th October 2016

Ms Koah joins a list of high profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Simpson to name but a few to have their babies at this hospital.

Despite her past, Ms Koah has identified her strengths and continues to forge a personal brand persona that is crafted on luxury and the luxe lifestyle. She is frequently seen carrying/wearing high end fashion/accessories and staying at high end hotels around the world.

For those looking to build their personal brand, here are a few tips:

  • Identify your uniqueness and strengths
  • Craft your personal brand persona
  • Build your platform – via social media?
  • Be yourself

We wish the new mother a wonderful new life as she embarks on this new journey of mummyhood.

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« Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.» ~ Rollo May

If like us you were hit with the news on Sunday that our powerful Capi aka Magnan aka Rigobert Song was struck down by the dreadful stroke/brain anuerysm, then we are sure in your own way you must have asked the good Lord to be with him and to bring him out of this sound and safe.

The news of the stroke quickly spread like wildfire on a hot summer’s day across the social media platforms with it culminating on Monday afternoon from several un-confirmed / un-associated sources that Capi had passed away – how cruel.


What struck us was the fact that there has been no designated official spokesperson for Song to act as a source of information for the public and news medias and to put to bed all the vile rumours and made up stories surrounding the situation (the official Fecafoot Twitter profile has not even shared the news!).

Given the fact that Song has lived a public life for a number of years, a personal staff which SHOULD include an official spokesperson or PR representative is a priority especially in this day and age of social media virality. But all we have seen so far is updates from this person who knows that person or regurgitated information from online sites with no real verification…for a personality of his stature that is a PR disaster at a high level!

Here are some recommendations of what should have happened:

  1. Set up a social media profile (Facebook which feeds to Twitter or just a Twitter account)
  2. Designate an official spokesperson (capable of expressing in both English and French.)
  3. Decide on the message (including visual) that you want the public to know and stick to that.
  4. Hold a news conference to inform the public on the situation – facts only.
  5. Keep the online profile updated at least daily.
  6. Interact with the public – reply to their ‘get well soon’ posts, share/retweet messages – bring them close and show them you are appreciative of their thoughts and support at this difficult time.

In all of this, we wish our Capi a speedy recovery.

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You’ve heard about the potential benefits of content marketing, but how much have you actually invested in a strategy? If the answer is “very little” or “zero,” you could be missing out on significant benefits. Content marketing isn’t a fad; if implemented properly, it has a demonstrably powerful potential return compared to the minimal up-front costs.

Still, if you’re apprehensive about investing in a content marketing strategy, you’re not alone. Many business owners think that content marketing doesn’t work for their industry, but they’re mistaken. You may think that you’ll invest in a content marketing strategy “someday,” or you may be distracted by other priorities. But, the fact of the matter is, you have much to gain by investing in a content marketing strategy — and waiting any longer could actually be hurting you.

Consider these:

1. Breadth of return.

First, content marketing has a high ROI, partially because of how many different areas it influences. Consider the breadth of the return here; if you publish and syndicate your content in many places, you’ll see a return in the form of brand visibility, brand reputation, inbound traffic, customer engagement, customer retention and of course, conversions and customer acquisition.

Any one of these areas has the potential to make back all the money and time costs you’ve spent on the strategy. Together, they amplify your returns many times over. It’s an ideal way to maximise your marketing cost efficiency.

2. Benefits to other strategies.

Content marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it actively affects many of your other marketing strategies, which you may not already be participating in. For example, an ongoing content strategy will help drive more organic search traffic, increasing your company’s likelihood of showing up in search results for users from your key demographics.

A strategy can also provide syndication fuel for your social media marketing campaign, giving you valuable updates you can post for your followers — likewise, for your email marketing campaigns. You can even use your best content as a landing page, to drive more conversions in a paid advertising campaign.

3. Diversity of mediums.

Today, there are dozens of options for mediums and distribution channels in a content-marketing campaign. If you don’t like writing articles, you can supplement your strategy with more visual content, like infographics, videos or visual tutorials.

If that doesn’t sound good, either, you can conduct video interviews, or use podcasts to get your brand out there. There are virtually no limits to what you can and can’t do in a content-marketing campaign; all that really matters is that you provide something valuable your followers and fans can consume.

4. Competitive opportunities.

Content marketing is a competitive world, and it only gets more competitive by the day. Right now, your closest competitors may already be engaging in a content-marketing strategy, capitalising on trending topics, events and opportunities that you’re missing out on by not being similarly involved.

If you start investing in content marketing soon, these opportunities will still be open, and you’ll get a leg up on any competitors straggling behind. The more time you invest in content marketing, the better competitive advantage you’ll have overall, so get in as early as possible to maximise your position.

5. Compounding returns

Speaking of getting in early, it’s important to realise that content marketing is a strategy that offers compounding returns. Rather than a marketing strategy that offers a strict return for your investment — the way paid advertising does — content marketing involves creating and maintaining fixed, semi-permanent assets.

Accordingly, your reputation and web “real estate” will increase gradually over time as you publish more content, and as these factors increase, the value of each piece you produce will increase, in turn. Combined with the recurring value of your previous pieces, the value of your content marketing strategy will grow exponentially — so the sooner you get involved, the faster you can see that growth.

6. Minimal loss potential

Content marketing demands an investment of time and money, but you can choose how, and how much, you invest. Generally, the more time, money and effort you put into a campaign, the better the payoffs you’ll realise. But if you’re just getting started, you can invest in only the basics to minimise your potential losses.

This isn’t an excuse to skimp on the quality of your work; only high-quality material will have a positive impact, but investing in only the basics should reduce your reluctance about getting involved in content marketing sooner rather than later.

There’s no rule that says you have to invest in a content-marketing strategy, and quite honestly, your business will probably survive without one. But, do you really want your business to only “survive,” rather than thrive? If your competitors are doing it, then they’re progressing faster than you.

If your competitors aren’t doing it, then you have a major opportunity to become an industry influencer, setting your brand apart in your industry. By not investing in content marketing, you could be sacrificing enormous potential benefits for your brand. The longer you wait, the more you’ll stand to lose, so get involved as soon as possible to maximize your potential.

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“PR Chat Africa aims to become a go to resource platform for brands and representatives within the African market and beyond.”


The #PRChatAfrica hashtag is going full swing launching tomorrow with a Twitter party from 2pm GMT. The idea behind this initiative is simple: a few PR loving girls from African descent based around the world take on different topics via Twitter chat sessions  to share their experiences/knowledge for one hour every week this October and twice a month thereafter.

Put together by us, #PRChatAfrica will be an interactive, informative and enjoyable platform where all PR lovers and non PR lovers are welcome! If you are a brand, this platform will offer you the opportunity to find and collaborate with a publicist in the market you are targeting. For other representatives and the media, this platform will offer content writing collaborations for your African and non-African readers/audiences interested in business/marketing/communications and branding.


To find more about the initiative, join us tomorrow from 2pm GMT prompt on Twitter by following the hashtag #PRChatAfrica.

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