Following on from our little snippet on our Facebook page last week, we are starting an advert review series on our blog where we will bring you our thoughts and opinions on the adverts that we find to be meeting their objectives on TV and billboards as well as those that we think are so bad they have actually lost their purpose.

We chose to review adverts from the last 2+ years because those are the adverts that people will remember, and as this is our first edition we wanted to rejig the minds of as many people as possible.

After reviewing a few adverts, those who made it to our “top” were those that focused mainly on selling the product. We chose these because of their image quality, their presentation quality, their overall sound quality and their conceptualisation quality. You realise that most of these good adverts were not executed by comedians nor celebrities but they come out just as appealing meeting its central goal.

On the other hand those that made it into our  “worst” adverts were those which were presented by comedians and had a very poor conceptualisation process. The advert makers left the comedians to come up with either the message or the concept or even the lines and it so blatant showed when you watched these adverts. The locations of the commercial shoots were poor, some had very poor delivery of lines and some just didn’t bring out the product they were trying to sell at all – what a waste of time and money!

Without further ado, below our list!



Our billboard review was also based on the criteria of the TV ad review. The worst ones especially focusing on Power Horn and XXL failed to be creative enough and chose the easy route to mass appeal. They folowed the route to only associating energy drinks with sex as the billboards showed just sexy girls in sexy positions.

Thats it for today but stay tuned. We will also bring you detailled reviews in future posts.

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We have just recently sealed our temporary contract with this fab Parisian footwear by a very sophisticated and chic young Ivorian woman by the name of Sara Coulibaly.

My Miry was launched almost 2 years ago as “My Miry by Carpe Diem” with the aim of embellishing Ankara fabrics on gorgeous footwear selected by Sara. After a 6 months hiatus which included rebranding and some personal development by the founder – here comes “My Miry” (signed Sara Coulibaly); a Malinké dialect word which literally translates as “my thoughts”.

The womenswear brand has transformed itself into an exclusive premium footwear and accessories brand crafted from the drawing board of Sara’s imagination and inspiration to being brought alive in the South of Spain at a studio that also enlists Carolina Herrera as clients.

The brand is launching its 2013 collection; a 13 piece collection termed “Precious” each representing the name of a precious stone. At My Miry quality is assured – only premium leather is used on the exterior, interior and the sole and only the best quality Ankara fabrics sourced from around Africa are used. Comfort is assured – the pieces are refined and glamorous, modern and ethnic to accentuate your feet. A great quality fit adapted to the life of the woman in motion.

I wanted to create pieces that were literally as precious each in their own right so we employed different fabric styles on each of the 13 pairs to ensure they were unique, elegant and classic” states Sara Coulibaly.

Since the first pair of shoes Sara has magnified and brought to life through every pair and collection thereafter; the beauty of fusing materials, the resourcefulness of craftsmanship and the eclectic contrasting of colours.

The pieces will be available to buy from the website (currently under revamping).

The pieces of the collection are
















All packaged with love


Sara at workImage



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This past weekend was quite hectic for us and one main reason was because we were one of the volunteer runners (well jogggers and walkers!!) at the 10K fundraiser “Race for Change” organised by London based charity Path to Possibilities.

The charity, also one of our clients, is passionately committed to transforming the lives of gifted but empoverished young children in Nigeria through education. Since 2010 when the charity was launched by Titilola Bello and through sheer determination, fundraising events and donations from well wishers, the charity has gone on to to having under their care 7 brilliant children who are so excited and happy to be in school. Most of them are first generation schoolers to go past the primary education level.

The team spirit on the day was super high. We were all pumped up and rearing to go. Stretches done, drinks refilled, we were all patiently waiting for the ready steady go of the lineswoman…

Below are the picture capture of the day…enjoy!!


























See you all next year for another dose of Race for Change!

If you are in London this September, then the charity’s Gatsby themed “Frocks Rocks and Decadence” fundraising gala should be another must attend event on the calendar!!


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ModeMaison PR is a buzz loving communication and marketing agency based in Bonamoussadi, Douala. We partner, we promote, we encourage, we advise and we also develop initiatives of our own which we believe will also assist in carrying Cameroon forwards.

So today we are continuing with our initiative geared towards advancing the entertainment industry in Cameroon entitled “MMPR’s Star’s In Their Eyes”. With this, we will bring you individuals who we’ve watched and believe to exude the right quality and image to enter the emerging “celebrity” milieu in Cameroon.

London-based singer songwriter Debra Debs is next on our list and she has been in the music scene for 12 years now. She is also into Soulfulgospellyrnbjazzypopthingys – basically anything that makes for soulful listening with sounds firmly grounded in Neosoul and 90’s Soulful RnB. Her influences range from Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, George Michael, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu to Musiq Soulchild.

Her 4 track debut EP released in 2011 entitled “WHUMAN” is sprinkled with socio-conscious, love versus pain, melodic story-telling drawn from the heart & soul and guaranteed to have listeners relating to it in every which way possible. This same socio-consciousness is the heart of her just released single and video “Africa Higher Higher” which currently stands at over 1.3 million views on Youtube…way to go girl!!

Do we have to say more about this girl? Check out her pics below and also see what she says in our “Star7” question!


1- A dog or a cat which do prefer?
Dog. I hate cats with a passion. Dogs are merciful, faithful and respectful. They work hard, unlike lazy cats eeuurrghh!!

2- The biggest lie you’ve ever been told is?
Hhhmmm. not sure I can remember. I have told white lies but the biggest? Naahhhh!!!

3- To love and to keep or to love and to lose?
I have loved and kept and lost. Losing is hard but easier if it was for the right reasons. So both work in my books either way.

4- How many lipsticks do you own?
Yup, just two. I am not a big shopper nor am I extremely adventurous with lipsticks.

5- Paris or Venice; which would be your lovers’ destination?
Venice any day. Its calmer, beautiful, peaceful and more loveable than Paris.

6- The title to your next song will be?
My next single is called Blew Your Mind.

7- How does an artist get 1 million plus views on a video?
Man…when I hit 100,000 I was overwhelmed. At 1 million I think I didn’t know how to feel. It’s incredible and empowering!!

Watch the Africa Higher Higher video by clicking here

We aim to continue star spotting and to bring you many more talents with Stars In Their Eyes!!

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Hello blog world, we have been MIA for a few weeks but we are back!!

On the ever changing fashion front, Senegalese Kinee Diouf has become the first black model to grace the cover of Vogue Netherlands who a few months ago were in deep waters for painting a white model black on their cover.

Well, whether this a means of redempting themselves or not, we absolutely love the images taken by photographer Ishi. The overall styling, the vibrant loud contrasting colours, the shot angles, the choice of location all seemed to come together to present us with visually beautiful imageries. Well done to the team involved.

Below are some of the shots…enjoy!


What imagery right?! We thought so too!

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