Hello everyone, it has been a minute since we brought you something new so here we are today to tell you about our day at a recent networking gathering of selected young Cameroonians from different fields held in London.

The soirée took place at a private room on the roof top of the famous Gherkin building at St Mary Axe on the weekend of 8th July organised by Héra; an investment risk analyst working in Central London.

camer biz 2

Those in attendance were from a diverse background which included investment banking, insurance management, media, PR, luxury event management, digital marketing, online peer-to-peer transportation – all with a reunifying interest which was doing business in/with Africa.

After the discussion and the exchange, the take home element for us from this gathering further deepened the importance of networking in building one’s net worth.

Here are a few:-

  • Networking with the right mix of people can further / boost one’s career or business.
  • Networking is relationship building which forms the basis of any and every partnership or working collaboration. One never knows when one will need / depend on a relationship in the future.
  • Networking offers visibility; being visible and getting noticed by the right audience can be a big benefit for one and one’s business.
  • Networking is also about friendship and building confidence in one’s self.
  • Networking can be a positive influence. The people one hangs around with and talks to do influence who one is and what one does, so it is important to be surrounding one’s self with positive, uplifting people that can help one grow.

According to Héra, together we can become stronger therefore this gathering will be a recurrent affair; “it is abnormal that talented people should find themselves each on their own corner oblivious of what the other is doing” she added.

The platform aims to become a place to share ideas, partner and work together.

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Women in PR Ghana Seminar is an event organised by E’April Public Relations in partnership with the Institute of Public Relations Ghana, sponsored by Voltic Ghana, L’Oréal Ghana as well as a partnership with African University College of Communications (AUCC), Webster University Ghana Campus, Business and Financial Times, Daily PR Africa, Shotbyese and George Britton.

The maiden edition scheduled to take place on July 1, 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the World Trade Centre in Accra will be hosted by Diana Delali Amaglo (Head of PR, Sunnon Asogli Power Ghana Limited).

The event targets Public Relations professionals and students as well as people in the communications and the media industry.

Speaking at the seminar will be renowned female PR and communications specialists such as Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo (Dean of the School of Information and Communications Studies, University of Ghana), Dr. Ayokoe Anim-Wright (President, African University College of Communications), Gifty Bingley (Head of Corporate Affairs, Tigo Ghana), Cynthia E. Ofori-Dwumfuo (PR Business Leader, Ogilvy & Mather Ghana). They will be covering topics such as choosing and starting a career in PR, pitching and building media relationships, social media for today’s PR woman, rising up the corporate ladder amongst others.

Tickets are available for purchase at the reception of GIJ, AUCC, Webster University Ghana Campus and IPR Ghana Secretariat.

For further information and enquiries, email: and follow Women in PR Ghana on all social media sites.

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Africa Fashion Guide organises Fashion Africa Conference 2016 in London and we are part of it!! REGISTER NOW!

As the international fashion industry ponders the ongoing questions – Is the African marketplace ripe for business? Is Africa Fashion the final frontier? Is there a growing consumer market in Africa ready to buy? Can Africa be realistically open for international business? Africa Fashion Guide being an industry catalyst changing perceptions of Africa’s fashion and textile industry and most importantly encouraging fashion business in Africa by strategically bringing together influential stakeholders and actors via its results focused events to address these issues.

FAconf logo

In September 2016, as Africa Fashion Guide turns five years old and therefore for their 5th year anniversary Fashion Africa Conference event, they are extremely pleased to announce a cohort of professional industry speakers which includes our PR girl Cynthia Tabe!

The full day Fashion Africa Conference event will be set out over 2 large rooms on the top floor of the Richmix venue in London. Titled The African Market, it will consist of TedX style keynote speeches in the morning, followed by afternoon panel discussions with international industry leaders and a trade expo dubbed the F.A.T.E (Fashion Africa Trade Expo).


So if you are a fashion retailer, fashion designer, student, journalist or fashion business interested in sourcing and/or producing in Africa, with a strong, active interest in sustainability and ethical business practice – then you cannot miss this conference. The full day seminar event will act as a means to discuss and promote the full supply chain of African Fashion Design, Textiles, and Manufacturing and will be centred around the sub-topics Sustainability, African Fashion Manufacturing, Responsible Sourcing, Africa’s Retail Market and the new target consumer market – The Growth of the African Designer market. It will be the key platform for engagement and for social forum for all those attending.

This event is a must attend event; there will be a mix of press, brands and industry influencers and insiders with a mutual involvement and/or vested interest in elevating African trade, design and production, and who want to be part of the wider solution to raise Africa as a trailblazer in quality design and production. REGISTER NOW

theFATE flyer

There 3 afternoon panel discussions will focus as follows:


This panel will look how far Africa has come in order to look forward – focus is on production, sustainability and the African fashion message of value


This panel which will include our PR girl Cynthia will look at the message we are getting from Africa today. With focus on the African consumer, the retail stratosphere – standalone stores, pop ups to online retailing and ecommerce and the role of design within this.


This panel will look at where things are going in African fashion – from trends, textile technology, to entrepreneurship, manufacturing options and production business parks to streetstyle, arts and the marketplace as a whole. How the African market appeals more and more to investors abroad for new business ventures. Africa is also an opportunity for existing businesses abroad to open up similar businesses there. Media and researchers are also recognising this and we discuss what angle they are taking and the opportunity Africa has to offer.



Contact via email at:

See more information on the website:

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Tweet them at @AfricaFashGuide


Last month we witnessed something magical within the Cameroonian community. The coming together and the oneness in support of one of our own is to be commended.

The world premiere of Woman was held triumphantly early last month at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London scratching its name in history as the first ever-Cameroonian film to be released in a UK cinema.

Woman is a lighthearted and easy-going storyline, which takes on the deep societal issue of adultery and betrayal in the marital home.

The film also celebrates love and friendship, the finding of self (by Dr Manga and wife Dr. Angoh Lobe), career success, humour and light comedy as well as brilliantly promotes tourism of the South West Region through its magnificent captures, its concise and precise scenic shots.

It is a film, which also uses known film techniques to narrate and bring to light the emotions of the characters. Their state of mind, their thoughts, so as to draw the viewers closer to the characters in order to incite in the viewers emotions of compassion, betrayal, loyalty and personal attachment.

An example of such technique is in the last scene of the film where Dr Manga is seen taking a reflective walk alone in the big park. The focus of the camera in the scene starts from being fuzzy and blurred to going very clear and focused. This alerts the viewers of the wandering, disturbed and lonely state of mind of the character as well as subtly informs them that probably a clear decision has been made by the Dr, which they will probably find out in the next sequence of the film.

Woman is directed by the renowned film and documentary maker Florence Nkeng, edited by the creative Mbeng Ngassa and produced by The Goretti Experience.

The film was mainly shot in Buea and Limbe with some scenes too in Kribi. The main characters are:

Dr. Manga Lobe –  Joe-Richard Pook

Mrs Angoh Lobe –  Goretti

Leke Asong – Epule Jeffrey

Mbolle – Ruth Nkweti

March 4th remains a night that I will never forget for as long as I live. The support I got from the UK Cameroonian community will stay with me for ever. Seeing your dream come true in bright lights and colour is truly validation to me that this is the path I was destined for.” Stated Goretti.

Some images from the premiere below…











IMG_3207 (2)




IMG-20160307-WA0005 (2)


IMG-20160307-WA0012 (2)



For those in the US, Woman the movie comes to you on the south side on July 16th 2016 in Houston, Texas. All information below, don’t miss this!

woman houston

Images: part credited to Hilda Ngelo & Sergeo London

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We love PR and all things buzz worthy and branding but last weekend, our PR girls Christelle and Gerda had to put this love aside as they headed to the Place du Gouvernement in Bonanjo, Douala to mingle and get to know the other members of the BBCL (Bold & Beautiful Cameroon Ladies) group; a group initiated by Créscence Elodie.

The objective of the day was a low key, informal and very friendly networking session amongst the BBCL group members as well as those who just fancied a quick nibble and drinks under the sun. And they had fun…


Le pique-nique du groupe BBCL (Bold & Beautiful Cameroon Ladies) organisé par Créscence Elodie a regroupé quelques membres plus ou moins actifs de ce groupe et des tiers. C’est donc autour d’un petit repas que s’est tenu de manière conviviale un échange entre ces différents participants. Un échange qui portait sur les activités qu’exercent les participants et membres du groupe, l’intérêt du networking dans leurs activités respectives, et enfin les apports et l’évolution du groupe BBCL pour chaque membres. Ci-dessous quelques photos de la petite soirée…

Gerda, Elodie, Christelle
Gerda, Elodie, Christelle










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