Always smiley and cheerful Myra Maimoh grew up within a big, Christian family in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon with her mother being her greatest musical influence.

Influenced by her mother’s discs of Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, African blues and throughout the spectrum from country music, traditional African music to jazz and pop, Myra started singing and dancing, while still in preschool at the age of 3. She wrote her first set of songs and stories at the age of 13 and since then Myra’s music journey has grown from strength to strength.

On Saturday August 13th Myra is scheduled to release her follow up album entitled UNIQ and she just cannot wait for you to take a listen. So while we wait the for the release date to come, here are 6 facts you definitely should know about her!


  1. Myra is known to be kind of goofy. She grew up in a house with a whole lot of laughter even during trying times when there was really no reasons to laugh or goof about. In her family, they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously although devoted to hard work. When it’s time to be serious, they do that really well and the rest of the time they are full of goofiness which as Myra states “I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.”Oh well, a goofy artist is not bad at all is it?!!
  2. Always very smiley but you will be shocked to find out that Myra is known to be shy & reserved! Oh yes! However, when she is performing on stage all timidity and shyness fly out of the window! As a result, people who don’t know her very well usually either think she’s arrogant or too shy when they meet me for the first time. But after watching her on stage or knowing her more, they almost always ask this question – why did I ever think you were a quiet girl? Her response: beats me! [Haa haaa!!]
  3. Myra has 2 Masters degrees and she is an advocate for education especially for the girl child. Here is her story: at a point in her life, she wasn’t even sure she was ever going to be able to get even a Bachelors degree. Her family was going through some really turbulent times and they couldn’t quite afford a lot. The farther the dream was for her to go as far as she could with her education, the more resolved she was to get the best education. God opened door after door and before she knew it, she had not only a Bachelors degree from a great business school in Germany but also a Masters degree in International Management and another in International Business from another good university in the USA. “I know there are a lot of young girls back at home in Cameroon who probably won’t complete their studies and thus miss their chances to showcase their talent just because there is no one to help. Reason why I am a big advocate for educating the poor and hopeless because that was me at some point in my life.
  4. Myra loves food believe it or not – she loves trying out recipes, cooking and hosting. Her house is almost always full. She loves cooking all sorts of foods and usually has cooking competitions with her spouse. If it’s healthy, she will try it!
  5. Myra is an outdoor lover. If she could spend the whole day outside, that would make her ultimate day. She does like to wind down at home but the most fulfilling days for her is full days out with family and it mustn’t be full of adventurous things, she is happy with just walking for as long as she can.
  6. In case you only see her super glam side,  remember that Myra is a major tomboy! Till she was about 15, she played football with neighbourhood kids, wrestled, climbed trees, went hunting. Her mum had to do an intervention before she started acting like a  “Cameroonian girl” should! “I don’t even know what that means but found out it meant a lot to my mum.  I like photography and beauty shots only because it’s art but in reality, you will rarely see any makeup on my face. I think it’s overrated.” states Myra.


Myra is scheduled to be performing at the FestAfrica free event in Silver Springs, MD on her album launch date next Saturday. If you are in the area, turn up, keep it turnt and have fun!

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Le prodigieux Stanley Enow est de retour dans nos ondes avec deux nouveaux titres intitulés « Bounce » et « We Are Hip Hop ».

Le premier en featuring avec le talentueux AKA et l’artiste camerounais à la voix melodieuse Locko, le second une collaboration rythmée aux couleurs de l’afrique avec l’artiste musicien congolais Biz Ice; il nous fait de nouveau vibrer et danser dans des melodies dont lui seul a le secret.

« Bounce » qui a été tourné en Afrique du sud met en exergue des images de qualité dans un cadre à la fois sobre et street le tout dans un chic et un glamour prononcé. Cela lui vaut d’ailleurs une nomination aux Afrimma [African Muzik Magazine Awards] dans la catégorie Best video.

Dans « We Are Hip Hop » on retrouve les charmes de l’Afrique dans une élégance sans pareille, un mélange de deux cultures africaines dont le rendu est tout simplement explosif. Stanley Enow nous prouve à nouveau que travail et professionnalisme sont des ingrédients nécessaires pour mener à bien et reussir un projet.


Deux singles aux sonorités dansantes, avec lesquelles Stanley Enow nous démontre à nouveau son talent d’artiste toujours dans un régistre hip hop. Des collaborations hautes en couleur qui présagent un avenir glorieux à cet artiste qui jusqu’à présent porte valablement les couleurs du 237 [deux trois sept!].


Pour voter pour Stanley Enow aux AFRIMMA dans la catégorie Best Male Central Africa et Best Video, clickez:


Twitter | Instagram: @StanleyEnow

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Il est venu, il a vu, il a convaincu. Le rappeur camerounais Stanley Enow a terminé sa tournée française entamée il y a deux semaines.

Le seul vainqueur camerounais aux MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) a parcouru la France aux côtés du rappeur français Seth Gueko, sur une tournée qui les a conduit dans sept villes de France: Villeurbanne, Marseille, Toulouse, Nancy, Colmar et Chambéry.

Cette tournée était une première pour le hip-hop camerounais, dans ce sens que Stanley Enow est de fait le premier rappeur camerounais pour ne pas dire d’Afrique francophone à bénéficier d’une tournée orientée vers un vrai public hip-hop.

La tournée portait la griffe de Torpedo Production, dont on connaît les faits d’armes, parmi lesquels l’organisation du concert de X Maleya à l’Olympia ou encore de Petit Pays au Trianon.

Stanley Enow a enflammé la France, avec comme pour de chute Paris, avec un autre concert-évènement avec le groupe de hip-hop américain Slum Village, dans la mythique salle du Divan du monde. Il y était soutenu par Charlotte Dipanda, dont l’apparition a été très saluée, de même que celle de la rappeuse camerounaise 20 Cent, qui vit désormais en France.

Le retour du bayangui boy et son staff au Cameroun est prévu le 6 Mars, 20 jours avant son grand concert aux côtés du nigérian Wizkid, ce sera cette fois-là à Douala. Avant cela, Stanley Enow aura participé au South by SouthWest Festival, l’un des plus grands festivals au monde. Il sera aux côtés de Fetty Wap, J Cole, pour ne citer que ceux là. Ce sera à Austin, aux États-Unis.

Décidément, l’auteur de Work Hard (le père Noël n’existe pas), prêche par l’exemple! Voici quelques photos de la tournée…


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“Je vous reserve un cadeau special” ~ Stanley Enow

Jusqu’à la période de fermeture des votes aux Kora Awards, la star Stanley Enow propose d’offrir à un fan un magic bag chaque semaine sous reserve de quelques conditions…

Vous voulez gagner? Alors il vous suffit de…

Rapper Stanley Enow is offering a special surprise gift bag to a fan every week till the end of the Kora Awards voting period subject to some conditions…

Would you like to win? Well, here is what to do…

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With a few days to go before the end of 2015 and despite the many obstacles and challenges, the year has indeed been full of major ups for the charismatic international rapper Stanley Enow. The most notable accomplishment remains the release last July of his 18 track critically acclaimed debut album ‘Soldier Like Ma Papa’ loved by fans and non fans alike, read their reaction here.

The album which is currently available digitally on iTunes, Deezer distributed by Rockstar 4000 / Sony Music and in physical sales points across Cameroon is the first Cameroonian album by a Cameroon based urban artist to have a full 360-degree campaign strategy – a 360-degree approach is about taking a broad and all-encompassing view of your entire customer journey, from discovery to purchase, across multiple devices and touchpoints.

Within one week online, the hashtags #SoldierLikeMaPapa and #SLMP separately accrued over 1,000,000 impressions reaching over 175,000 online users making it the most talked about album of the year. Read more here.

The months following the album release have equally been very hectic for the King Kong. From being an invitee at the 45th Annual Legislative Conference by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) in Washington DC where he met with officials at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) currently working on a 400 megawatt hydro-power plant to be built in Cameroon. Following the footsteps of Akon, Stanley Enow made it clear that he would like to use all of his influence to back the hydro plant and help bring electricity to his beloved Cameroon and Africa in general.

The conference culminated in the Phoenix Awards Dinner hosted in person by President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. “It was such a wonderful opportunity and experience for me to be in the presence of such an important man in history – the President of the United States and his wife. It shows that anything in this life is possible.Stanley Enow stated.

To having a music concert in Cyprus, a Best Male Artist Central Africa award in Lagos along the way at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), music video recordings in Cameroon as well as a trip to Pointe Noire, Congo to record another music video from Soldier Like Ma Papa album with Congolese rapper Biz Ice.

A media tour followed in Lagos where he was embraced by the beautiful radio host Toolz, welcomed by DJ Neptune, as well as participated on stage performances at Industry Night, Soundcity Urban Festival and Beat FM Xmas Concert with the likes of Olamide, Yemi Alade, Sound Sultan, Iyanya and UK based duo of the moment Krept and Konan…


Screenshot (354)

Screenshot (355)

Screenshot (356)

Screenshot (357)





The love from Nigeria has been enormous and Stanley Enow remains the only urban Cameroonian artist on heavy rotation on major radio channels.

Online statistics have also been very great. From Dec 18th to 23rd, Stanley Enow’s name has reached over one million users and created an impression on over 1.6 million ending the 2015 year on a very high profile indeed!

Le père noël n’existe pas certainly, work hard!! Hello 2016 *waving*!

Screenshot (349)

Screenshot (350)

Screenshot (351)

Screenshot (352)

Screenshot (353)

Check out this impromptu car freestyle…

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