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Brands past and present we have worked with or have been associated with include:-


  • Stanley Enow
  • Daddyblack
  • Ciana
  • Jovi
  • Magasco
  • Reniss
  • MuMaK
  • Nabil
  • Myra Maimoh
  • Hope Music Group


  • Mina Evans
  • Adama Paris
  • My Miry by Sara Coulibaly
  • Liiber London
  • Camer Couture
  • Olivia Ervi
  • Martial Tapolo
  • KiRette Couture
  • Kosibah
  • Eki Orleans
  • Jezreel Designs
  • Anggy Haif
  • Deenola
  • Cote Minou


  • VIRI (movie)
  • Goretti Experience


  • Fastrack Tourism
  • Shiri Achu Art
  • Path To Possibilities
  • The Miss P SHow


  • Dots Camp – « La créativité africaine: le cas du Cameroun »: Live tweeting at the second annual boot camp event providing an English language content on the hashtag #dotscamp which reached almost 10,000 people and created over 500,000 impressions on June 6th 2015.
  • Panelist on “Let’s Talk Africa” a 2014 Black History month event organised by Google at their HQ in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Panelist on “AfriPRESENT” on the “The African Market” themed Fashion Africa Conference 2016 organised by Africa Fashion Guide.

If you would love to work with us at any stage of your brand building or would like to partner with us for quality live tweeting, please get in touch!

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