As an Interior Design studio, our focus is to meet the specific needs of our clients with flexible design solutions that translates to a personalised elegant space that reflects them.

We also assist our clients by providing a reliable project management service especially for those with projects in Africa and the Caribbean. Effective project management means that our clients can get on with their day to day lives with the peace of mind knowing that we are driving progress and their projects are in safe hands.

Each project is undertaken with clear goals, deadlines and the same meticulous attention to detail is paid to managing budgets as to creating striking polished results.

Our Public Relations services maximises awareness through brand communications, creative publicity campaigns and press outreach while, continuously building connections and networks with brands and key players in today’s consumer market for the benefit of our brands & interior product clients.

So How Can We Help?

Interior Design/Styling

We work with property developers & private investors to provide an exclusive elegant look for their properties at a budget they can afford so they remain competitive, and maximise their ROI.

We focus on creating coherence and a seamless flow accentuating all the room’s benefits.

We create the right look which sells a dream also giving prospective buyers/renters lifestyle ideas.

We are here to accompany our private residential clients in their desire to live their dream life by making it a reality.

We carefully interpret each vision after meeting & visiting the site. We provide you with an inspiration & mood board, we provide sketches & 3D examples, we gather samples and create a product list based on the budget, once finalised, we go ahead and make the purchasing & then we install. You are then welcome into your brand spanking new home!

Discuss with us how we could help project manage your out of country projects!

Creative Styling

We provide styling for film sets, video sets, broadcasting studios, magazine, music videos, photo shoot and small scale events.

We will interpret each vision carefully, provide you with mood boards, samples, 3D examples and then install.

Public Relations

Our PR services include media relations, social media, content creation, publicity and press outreach, crisis management and brand experiential events.

Marketing & Branding

We work with clients, advising and handling their influencer marketing, branding materials, personal image, online and offline brand development.

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