VAULT magazine is a small, stylishly compact digital magazine for forward thinking millennials and Generation Xers.

With this our new issue, we’re unveiling a “Business Edit” filled with stories from different business backgrounds and perspectives to inspire all our readers.

To be opportuned to partner with renowned African tech, film entrepreneur and start up investor Jason Njoku as our cover boy was only apt “because for such a young man, his business journey is incredible and a huge inspiration for us all. His experience teaches us that no matter what, resolve never to give up, never to quit and to try try harder one more time” states Cynthia editor at Vault and PR girl at ModeMaison PR.

VAULT Cover Issue 5

With every story we share in our magazine, with every issue, we’re committed to inspire and to provide a place where our readers could escape and dream positively. May the stories in this edition inspire you, may the business tips help you flourish.” Cynthia also added.

Vault Issue 5 RL 1

VAULT magazine is a quarterly bilingual fashion, beauty and lifestyle online magazine from a Cameroonian and an African perspective by Douala/London based creative PR consultancy ModeMaison PR.

For fun fashionable edutaining reads, VAULT is for you! Happy reading and do not forget to hashtag #IamVaulting on social media.

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For the month of January 2017, we are offering 17 start up businesses/brands in the lifestyle, music, beauty, fashion, entertainment industries or a celebrity brand the opportunity to hire us for a day for FREE to assist with PR services.

What can this FREE offer be used for?


The free offer can be used to gain insights to:

  • Launch a new product
  • Clean up a business/brand image (visual/personal branding)
  • Gain a brief insight into PR
  • Learn about content creation and posting on 1 specific social media platform
  • How to effectively use Instagram for your business/brand etc


Special conditions apply such as:

  1. Offer ONLY applies to startup/emerging brands, proof could be required.
  2. A maximum of 5 hours of our time will be allocated to you for the day.
  3. ONLY one free session will be allowed per brand/startup.
  4. Offer is valid for the month of January 2017 only.
  5. Use our hashtag #MMPR4ADay when you contact us.
  6. Contact us by December  31, 2016 only.

Contact us on the form below or alternatively, email us at:

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We are almost at the final trimestre of 2014 and behind the scenes at ModeMaison PR (aka MMPR), we have identified a few areas we are going to focus on for our main clients notably MAMA & AFRIMMA 2014 winner Stanley Enow as well as the newest rap queen in town CIANA.

The offline post release media tour for Ozeile Nchiengo continues with CIANA being booked on more radio and television shows within Cameroon. Her appearance on the Sky Rap show on Sky One Radio today was also a great turn out. Online, we will be launching a new initiative at the beginning of September to ensure that the public spends September with Ozeile Nchiengo in mind!! Watch this space 😉

MMPR Canva

Following the campaign #MadeOfBlack launched by Guinness in Africa, Stanley Enow as a main influencer within the music scene has been chosen as one of the main campaign ambassadors representing Cameroon. The campaign concept celebrates “black” as a positive and influencing attitude rather than a colour with a negative connotation. More on this Stanley role will be discussed in another post soon. 

September also leads to new ideas we will be introducing for Stanley Enow to uphold his fan interaction and also to show his appreciation. Keep your eyes tuned and peeled to our online home for more updates about our clients.

One more day to go and September will be here, we are excited!! Whether you are looking to build your brand, reintroduce your brand or simply buzz your brand, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact tab above and we will be happy to assist you 🙂

Are you yet to watch the CIANA Ozeile Nchiengo video? Here it is!

Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana

Youtube/Facebook: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram: @StanleyEnow

Facebook: Stanley Enow Official



Today is a national day celebration in Cameroon and while everything (apart from restaurants and bars) are shut, we are still in work mode *face palm*.

It is a day chosen by the first president Ahmadou Ahidjo to abolish the federal system of government thereby creating a unitary country in 1972 since as Cameroon was previously made up of 2 sections – French Cameroun and Southern Cameroons both with their own respective dates of independence.

For as long as we can remember, the national celebrations have always been marked by school , military and union parades, speeches and more speeches under the hot sun by important government officials. All too stuffy and way too formal stuff which highlights the lack of change and freedom to inject new ideas.

So today, as part of our contribution we have decided to rebrand the day…hooraayyy! So what would we do? How would we rebrand the face of 20th May? Chuck out those chinzt lol! Enough of the old, in with the new! Rather than parades and endless speeches, we propose street parties in every town in Cameroon today. Let us use the parties to know and appreciate one another, to accept and talk to one another, to dance and eat together, to sing and laugh together, to be comfortable and open to another…let it truely be a day of great fun celebrations under the banner of “togetherness” “family” “peace” “love” and “fatherland” – our motto.

We are not perfect as once said by the Prime Minister Philemon Yang but again, there is no perfect society or people.

Wishing you all Cameroonians, lovers and friends of Cameroon, a happy national day!! Bonne fête à tous et toutes!!

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