Testing Testing One Two Three..!

Our PR girl and avid solo traveller Cynthia has taken her voice onto the digital airwaves with a funky weekly conversational radio show concept #GistWithCynthia on digital radio station Urban Jazz Radio.


#GistWithCynthia is a fun conversational concept covering a variety of topics weekly on fashion, beauty, travel, business, money, relationships and a review of social media trending items topped with ofcourse a selection of music tracks from afrobeats to dancehall from Cynthia’s playlist. “The show is a place where myself, my guests and my audience can air our views and just gist on a variety of topics affecting our daily lives or our community in an informal and fun way.” states Cynthia.

The show which kicked off at the beginning of this year amidst positive feedback with special guests fashion blogger Hilda Ngelo, fashion brand manager and accountant Sonya Foretia and mind strategist Dee Burrowes is now well into its 12th episode this coming week. So far, Cynthia has received over 20 guests all from various backgrounds in music, PR, events, content creation, health, fashion, art & design, film production etc and is looking forward to speaking to many more.

The great thing about #GistWithCynthia is that anyone can be part of the show.” added Cynthia. Yes, YOU too can be part of the weekly gist sessions by either tuning in and listening online on link below and contributing your views by using the hashtag #GistWithCynthia or following Cynthia @brownschuga on Twitter. You can also call the studio on (0044) 0203 432 1333 and if you are in London, ofcourse you are welcome to join Cynthia at the studio in South East London!

Launching or launched a new business, new project, new initiative or have a client who fits the bill? Feel like guest presenting with Cynthia? No sweat, just drop us a message on the social media profiles listed or email address given.

Just be ready to join the conversation and gist! Tune in, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm.

Audios from past shows will soon be available to listen to online. Sincere thanks to all the guests and listeners/contributors so far! See you on Tuesdays…!


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Hello and welcome to the MMPR blog. If you are new here join us again as we share helpful tips and curate self help content to enable you as a brand owner or personal brand to improve and run your business adequately. You can also follow our Instagram profile where we share useful short self help content, thank us later ok!

So today our focus is on the three ‘C’ which we believe every music artist or personal brand must have in order to build a successful business. Succcess as we know does not just fall from the heavens, it takes a lot of hard work, preparation and planning mixed in with the right opportunity which some may choose to term as ‘luck’.

As a music artist, entertainer or personal brand, you are your brand’s interface, you carry your brand along as you go around and you represent your brand at all times. It is therefore advisable that you choose your brand direction appropriately to ensure that you are simultaneously exuding this direction on all your different touch points.

Ok so back to today’s post, here are the three ‘C’ we believe every music artist, entertainer, or personal brand must have to succeed now…

1. Charisma:

Defined as:-

  • a) “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”
  • b) “a divinely conferred power or talent.”

Charisma attracts people, people become fans, fans give you an audience, an audience means a target market to sell to, it is that simple! Charisma is your hidden (super)power to influence and engage people without even trying too hard! The question is, can charisma be acquired or are you born with it?

2. Character:

Defined as:-

  • “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”

Your distinctive characteristics will either be a magnet in attracting the right people to you or a repellant pushing people away from you. Whatever moral qualities you display, it is safe to say you will either acquire or lose from it, you will either enlarge your brand or shrink/stagnate it.

3. Connections:

  • “your network is your net worth!”

The connections you make as a music artist, entertainer, or personal brand are vital, they can potentially make or break you. As they say, your network is your net worth and for a music artist, entertainer, or personal brand; the worthy the connections you make the faster your progression and success could be.

Therefore, connect and build a relationship with the right people, ensure you have the right character qualities and don’t forget to pull that charisma card at all times if you’ve got it!

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Programmatic will break out of its niche and become an established answer to marketers’ digital advertising goals this year, predicts Martin Kelly, chief executive and co-founder, Infectious Media, as he outlines the key trends.

Last year was truly a breakthrough year for programmatic advertising. We saw an increasing number of global brands embracing programmatic and publically entering the marketplace. Figures from the IAB showed that programmatic advertising in the UK grew to £1bn, double the size of the previous year. Display advertising growth, primarily driven by programmatic, continued to outstrip search advertising growth by ever increasing amounts.

So 2015 looks set to be the year when programmatic breaks out of its niche and becomes an established answer to digital marketing goals. These are a few topics that will dominate the headlines in the next 12 months…

1. Brands take more control

Much as brands don’t want to do their own TV buying, they don’t want to do their own programmatic buying either. However, what they do want is a say in the ad technology and data that is used in their campaigns. Brands growing demand for greater control means we will begin to see them own parts of the technology. Companies willing to work with a range of programmatic platforms will prove to be the most attractive partners for these brands.

2. Progress on fraud and viewability

The entire industry knows that fraud and viewability are major problems and, as a collective, we are getting better at recognising them. In 2015 we can expect to see standards agreed to take action on these problems as a group or risk stymieing the growth of the industry as advertisers will lose confidence. Expect industry bodies such as the IAB and ISBA to be vocal in this area.

3. Offline and online measurement finally unite

One of the holy grails of online marketing has always been to join up measurement of what we do online with what happens outside of the digital world, in the physical world of stores where many brands live. In 2015 measurement of this type will finally start to become a reality. Credit and loyalty card companies will start to use their store and product level transactional data as a measurement mechanic for online advertising facilitated by companies like (recent Oracle acquisition) Datalogix and Dunnhumby.

4. Cross-device reality

Statistical and probabilistic cross-device targeting becomes irrelevant. This is the year we can expect big moves from Google and Facebook to make their cross-device user data available for both buying and measurement. With both adservers and DSP’s, these two are primed to create powerful cross-device advertising stacks. This method of tracking users across devices by assigning unique user IDs rather than using a cookie, will prove far too attractive for brands to ignore. It will be interesting to see how these products come to market, undoubtedly bundled with other tools and sparking an anti-trust debate.

5. Programmatic mobile

According to the IAB, more than 30% of all programmatic ad spend was on mobile in 2014 but to date this has been driven by app download businesses. With cross device becoming a reality, the mobile programmatic market will see continued growth driven but this time driven by a new set of non-mobile advertisers confident in the metrics and measurement of this emerging media channel.

The recent press has marked programmatic’s development through its teenage years, with the resulting growing pains. This year, as key technology and process are joining up, we will begin to see programmatic flourish into something advertisers won’t be able to live without.

Credit: Martin Kelly | Marketing Magazine

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The month of September was pretty much a busy one but also a fun one as we daily managed and ran the hashtagged #Ciana30 session; a daily online session planned as a strategy to continue with the promotion of rapper Ciana‘s debut video Ozeile Nchiengo that was released on August 4th. The ask was simple, the correct answer in the correct way got the individual to a final draw from which they could become the day’s winner. No complications…K.I.S.S.!!

Ciana 30

In collaboration with London based online African radio Pom Radio Extra, we spent 30 days asking the public questions surrounding Ciana‘s interests/life and the debut video Ozeile Nchiengo. The winners were announced through a final draw every night on Twitter/Facebook Page and on The Request Show on Pom Radio Extra.


Though it was quite stressful, we made it from day 1 to day 30 and through that created more awareness for Ciana in the face of her online public, we had 29 happy troopers who enjoyed their free airtime credits in Cameroon and finally we increased the Youtube video views by an additional 3,500 plus! Pheew, not bad for a month’s work eh!!


Much thanks to all who participated with us, those who supported us, retweeted our questions daily or shared the Miss Ciana Facebook page and to those who silently followed, we are still thankful!

Here is a chance to watch the video again…!

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Tomorrow evening is another show time for our star girl in the making, the new femcee, the current reigning queen of Cameroon hiphop – CIANA as she storms radio host Eric Fopou-sy‘s La Maximale show on Yaoundé based Kalak FM 94.5.


The queen is on a post release media tour since the release of her debut music video to second track Ozeile Nchiengo. Tune in tomorrow between 7.30pm and 9pm Cameroon time to hear her shed more light on her blossoming music career! See you soon!

If you are yet to watch the Ozeile Nchiengo video, catch it below and please do share it too 😉

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