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Our PR girl and avid solo traveller Cynthia has taken her voice onto the digital airwaves with a funky weekly conversational radio show concept #GistWithCynthia on digital radio station Urban Jazz Radio.


#GistWithCynthia is a fun conversational concept covering a variety of topics weekly on fashion, beauty, travel, business, money, relationships and a review of social media trending items topped with ofcourse a selection of music tracks from afrobeats to dancehall from Cynthia’s playlist. “The show is a place where myself, my guests and my audience can air our views and just gist on a variety of topics affecting our daily lives or our community in an informal and fun way.” states Cynthia.

The show which kicked off at the beginning of this year amidst positive feedback with special guests fashion blogger Hilda Ngelo, fashion brand manager and accountant Sonya Foretia and mind strategist Dee Burrowes is now well into its 12th episode this coming week. So far, Cynthia has received over 20 guests all from various backgrounds in music, PR, events, content creation, health, fashion, art & design, film production etc and is looking forward to speaking to many more.

The great thing about #GistWithCynthia is that anyone can be part of the show.” added Cynthia. Yes, YOU too can be part of the weekly gist sessions by either tuning in and listening online on link below and contributing your views by using the hashtag #GistWithCynthia or following Cynthia @brownschuga on Twitter. You can also call the studio on (0044) 0203 432 1333 and if you are in London, ofcourse you are welcome to join Cynthia at the studio in South East London!

Launching or launched a new business, new project, new initiative or have a client who fits the bill? Feel like guest presenting with Cynthia? No sweat, just drop us a message on the social media profiles listed or email address given.

Just be ready to join the conversation and gist! Tune in, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm.

Audios from past shows will soon be available to listen to online. Sincere thanks to all the guests and listeners/contributors so far! See you on Tuesdays…!


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Today, we continue with another snooping session as we have done for the past 4 weeks! So what is this about? “In My Bag Snoop Style Series” is a fun session where we go snooping in the handbag of our friends. They give us access and we see exactly what they carry around in their bags daily. You know women love their bags so this is a perfect opportunity to see what a group of them really carry around. So c’mon and lets go!

Why does she carry what she carries in this bag? See below…


She is an engineer by day with a passion that lies in the creative field. Yefon is a blogger by night, blogging on all things entertainment, tech and business from Cameroon. This is what and she carries and why!

In my bag, I carry:-

> A hand lotion to use when hands are dry.

> My work ID – my bag side pocket is the safest place for it so that I don’t have to keep looking and need it for access.

> My portable phone charger which is a life saver in times of low phone battery!

> My charger plugs to connect whatever gadget to charge anywhere possible – innovation at its best!

> My cheque book which I started carrying since I came to the US for those eventuality cases.

> My umbrella for the light rainy days, one has to be prepared.

> My case with sunshades for my commute when the sun is out.

> My lens cleaner to clean my glasses and shades.

> My little case contains a few days supply of allergy medicine and vitamins. Staying healthy and fit is important non?!

> Nail polish, I have ended up with 2 in my bag since as I had planned to do my nails at a saloon during the week and I usually carry mine along.

> A lip balm, this is a must have against chapped lips.

> My head phones, she is my best friend because I am a music junkie. I need to relax and blank out the noise in order to focus.

> My wrist bands which I carry for a cause.

> The blue dotted case carries my smaller loose items in an attempt to keep my bag organised.

So there you have it!! Women will be women…see you next time!

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Hello our dear readers, thanks for reading and following our #InMyBag fun series where we empty the handbags of our friends and play detective!!

CIA agents we are not but one thing is for sure, we do like a good snoop around and why not do it at the expense of our friends *wink*

Today we take a look at the handbag of a very busy woman…can you tell what she does by her contents? C’mon and lets take a look!!


Have you guessed yet? Okay so we will tell you…keep reading.

Marie-Christine is a determined and passionate young woman based in Douala. This is what she had to say about what is in her bag…

I carry really the most essential items.

My Blackberry phone to be in contact and to be contacted.

My Ipad which is now really an essential part of everyone’s bag these days.

My makeup…YSL/Blackup for when a retouch is necessary.

My bank card and some cash…always in case of an emergency!

My business cards…so you now you know I also run a business!

Finally, my passport. I spend my time on flights jetting across the oceans so my passport is vital!

So there you have it…you should have guessed by now that Marie-Christine is a flight attendant as well as a business owner. You go girl!!

Watch out for the next #InMyBag series coming next week.


Welcome back to the place where we give you an all important first class viewing access into the handbag of another woman. The “In My Bag” series is a snoop style series purely for fun purpose where we asked a few of our friends to allow us to ‘see’ inside their bags to know what exactly they carry around with them. We get to learn about the different personalities and quickly see what they are obsessed with!

You want to see? Okay, c’mon!


She is a creative head who is successfully combining fashion designing with running a reputable school in Cameroon…this is what Anrette carries in her bag…

I named my bag my rainforest because of the green colours and I usually just carry the essentials. These essentials are:-

> My Ipad for capturing the moments and for inspiration.

> A (Glamour) magazine which is a must have for me to be in the know of the latest fashion trends.

> My daily planner to assist run my life.

> My sunglasses which I cannot do without!

> The make-up I carry around is strictly the essential items only and it includes my Mary Kay lip gloss, MAC powder and foundation.

> My favourite fragrance at the moment is Lady One Million by Paco Rabbane. It has simply got that classic smell every time I use it and the bottle is easy to carry around in my handbag.

> My most important book of the moment; the Criminal Procedure Penal Code to understand the law system in Cameroon lol!

So there you have it…women will be women!! Watch out for the next handbag series!

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Hello all, today brings us to the second part of our snooping fun series where our PR girl Cynthia is playing detective in the handbags of some of her friends. Don’t you sometime wonder what your friends or other women carry in their bags? Well, we all know women will be women right?! C’mon and let’s do some snooping!!


In her handbag this is what Ms Mbole had to tell us…

I always have a small planner (blue item) in my bag since as I spend 70% of my week in meetings. I also have my make-up bag with lipstick and lipgloss in it – a must for the cold harsh winter. I also must have a hand sanitizer because I am a hardcore germaphobe.

I cannot survive without some gum, oh yes it is a must because you never know when you have to offer someone with bad breath some haa haaa!!!

The other blue note book is to write down ideas that come to me for my blog (I currently run a style/fashion blog called TheHotJem) and for me to jot my to do list or sometimes I write my poems in it and keep for later. I also keep a puzzle book, essential for my daily commuting schedule to NYC. It allows me to play on it sometimes when I need to.

The rest is my iPod to listen to while I’m commuting to and from work and obviously my other essentials such as my purse, glasses and more make-up for when I need to touch up.

So that is it from our series today. Watch out for the next handbag…!

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