For our French followers and readers, today we talk health and the many healing and natural powers of the papaya/pawpaw tree.

« Le Papayer » ou encore « arbre magique » est originaire d’amerique du nord. Il appartient à une petite famille végétale qui possède 4 genres. À la fois male et femelle (hermaphrodite), on le retrouve généralement dans les zones tropico-equatoriales.

C’est un arbre qui d’apparence insignifiante possède de nombreuses vertus curatives. La consommation de son fruit est particulièrement recommandée  pour des personnes qui ont une mauvaise digestion. Le saviez-vous, le latex qui est une substance receuillie lorsqu’on incise une papaye verte, est employe pour soigner les cors et les verrues. Sa tige creuse riche en vitamin A,B,C, en calcium, phosphate, fer, proteine et sucre, utilisée en decoction permet de guerrir un enfant qui fait pipi au lit.


La poudre de graines de la papaye est efficace pour le traitement des vers intestinaux.  Par ailleurs la papaye contient une autre substance appellée Papaine, utilisée brute ou purifiée, elle  favorise la digestion en compensant les insuffisances de secretions gastroduodenales et pancréatiques. En usage externe c’est un anti-inflammatoire et detersif qui améliore la cicatrisation des plaies. La papaine est utilisée dans la composition de certains produits pharmaceutique et dermatologiques.

Les fleurs fraiches de l’arbre male utilisées en decoction ou infusion ont des vertus curatives contre la bronchite, les trancheites mais aussi pour des maladie du foi. Les feuilles de la papaye, quant-à elles en association avec ses raciness et celle du cocotier soignent la jaunisse et le paludisme. En cuisine elles sont utilisées pour ramollir la viande. Le principe étant simple enveloper de la viande dans des feuilles froissées et laisser ainsi quelques heures au frais et le tour est joué. Une decoction de feuilles du papayer est pratique pour élimination des taches de sang  sur les vêtements. Certaines populations du pacifique et d’Asie utilisent la papaye verte ecrasée en application sur le visage pour éclaircir le teint et éffacer certaines taches mélaniques.

Le papayer est manisfestement un arbre magique car toutes ses parties possèdent d’une manière ou une autre des propriétés curatives et nutritives.

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You can crunch, crunch, crunch on the gym floor until your abs are squealing from the effort, without ever seeing the results of your hard work. The truth is, unless you’re doing a different kind of crunching – on foods that promote fat loss – you might as well give up the sit ups.

Bums, thighs, shoulders, back, arms are all made in the gym, but abs are made in the kitchen. As women, our bodies are prone to storing reserves of fat in the general belly region. It makes sense, if you think about it, because this is the area of our bodies that needs most cushioning and protection when we carry children.

Frustratingly, though, most of us would rather have a washboard stomach for the part of our lives where childbearing isn’t really on the agenda. And this can be hard to achieve.

The truth is, even if you exert yourself daily in the gym, doing sit ups and dead lifts and crunches and lunges, your core could be rock hard, but you still might not be able to see any of the definition, if it sits beneath a layer of flab.

Truly, the only way to successfully make a difference, is to create a nutritional plan that complements your workout routine.

5 things to eat or drink that could say bye bye to the bulge are…



We’ve all heard the advice about swapping sugary snacks for nuts between meals, but a lot of us don’t really know much about good nut nutrition. Nuts are rich in magnesium, which in the long term, can improve your sleep hygiene, promoting weightloss. They also stave off hunger.

But you need to know some simple nut rules: avoid salted and roasted nuts altogether – high sodium can increase your blood pressure and encourage water retention, which is precisely what you are NOT trying to achieve. A maximum of 24 unsalted almonds per day would be the ideal amount!



Fish contains Omega 3s, which is an incredibly important addition to your diet. An Omega 3s deficiency can encourage your pineal gland to alter the production of melatonin, meaning your body doesn’t shut down properly during rest periods.

This can lead to a lack of energy and the production of stress chemicals in your body, which lead to fatty build up on your tum. Your body also burns more calories digesting protein than it does carbs! Stick to lean white fish that you’ve either grilled, poached or steamed. Salmon is fantastic for you, but don’t overdose on it.



This seems like an odd one, for sure. Cherries are one of the few plant-based sources of melatonin, which aids your sleep, but it also a POWERFUL anti-oxidant, promoting weightloss.

Stick to just the one cup of cherries though, and aim for the tarter Montmorency ones, instead of anything squishy and overly sweet. Oddly enough, the best time to eat these is in the evening, half an hour before bed.



Not just good for growing bones, milk might actually help you lose weight too. Calcium helps to break down fat and can actually prevent it forming in the first place!

In 2010, researchers at the University of Alabama found that among a group of over 100 pre-menopausal women, fat was noticeably reduced in those who consumed higher-calcium foods. For every 100 milligrams they consumed, they lost an extra inch of intra-abdominal fat.

Say whaaaaat!

iced tea

Iced Tea

Green tea is full of anti-oxidants.

And interestingly, tea drinkers can burn up to 260 more calories per day than non-tea-drinkers, according to Swiss researchers.

During the summer months, hot drinks can be pretty unappealing, but don’t be sucked in by the bottled iced teas that you’ll find in most popular lunch spots. These are likely PACKED with sugars and all sorts of things that your body doesn’t need.

The best practice would be to steep a green tea bag for a minute or two in hot, but not boiling water (so as not to burn the leaves), pop in some ice cubes and straw and hey presto!

Enjoy up to four cups of this a day for the best results.

Extra tip: if you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t be tempted to chuck in some sugar cubes, as this will destroy all the healthy benefits. Instead, why not invest in some Stevia – an all-natural, plant-based sweetener.

Much thanks to Yahoo Wellbeing for this and yes, we must definitely give it a go! So will you too? Goodluck!

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Never mind what you eat, how much exercise you do, or how many hours sleep a night you’re getting. There’s a crucial quick health fix that really doesn’t get as much attention as it ought to: and that’s water.

A shocking new infographic shows the way your face and body suffer without enough of the clear stuff. As well as making you groggy, hungry and grumpy, not drinking enough water can affect your skin, eyes, weight, hair and nails too.


Bags under your eyes, acne, dry skin and longer hangovers are just some of the consequences of not staying hydrated. More water helps you to lose weight – drinking two glasses about 20 minutes before a meal helps shed the pounds. It removes by-products of fat, reduces hunger, raises your metabolism and has zero calories of course.

It also gives you strong hair and nails, clearer eyes and smoother skin. And it provides a valuable boost to your immune system, helps regulate digestion and helps prevent ageing and wrinkles by moisturising your skin and helping keep it smooth.

So, whether you drink warm water and lemon, herbal teas or keep a refillable bottle or flask on your desk at work, this infographic will undoubtedly motivate you to keep hydrated.

Happy sipping!!

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Good morning dear readers, so this morning’s post is a health post which we thought to bring to your attention…

Detoxing has become bit of a trend with all the different fasting formulas and super foods that are out there. Unfortunately, most of the popular “detoxes” really aren’t safe for you and aren’t healthy either. If you want to detox your body, did you know it can be as simple as eating the right foods? Here’s a list of 10 foods you can enjoy if you really want to cleanse your body.


1. Avocados – Do you love avocados so much you would put slices of them on just about any food you eat? There’s no reason to feel guilty about doing this, especially because this is such a great food for you to eat. Avocados are packed full of antioxidants, including glutathione. This detoxes the body by transporting harmful toxins right out of it. By reducing the chemicals and toxins in your body you will be healthier and feel better.

2. Cranberries – These might be great for preventing urinary tract infections, but they can also get rid of toxins inside of your body. These get rid of waste from the body and are antibacterial so they remove toxins.


3. Cabbage – This food has sulfur inside of it, which is essential when it comes to breaking down chemicals in the body. Sulfur can help get rid of everything from pesticides to prescription drugs, which could be harmful if they stuck around.

4. Lemons – These are great in drinks and recipes, but they are also packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. These protect the liver and they get rid of chemicals inside of the body. Consuming lemons on a regular basis can improve health.

5. Broccoli – If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like broccoli, you should try it out once again! It’s full of antioxidants that can cleanse your body. It’s also high in enzymes that help to get your digestive system running efficiently. Raw broccoli is best because it has a high level of nutrients inside of it.

6. Garlic – Packed full of sulfur, this is another great food to use for body cleanses. It also has antibiotic properties so it can help internally heal your body. There are a lot of advantages to eating garlic on a regular basis; it’s even available in supplement form!


7. Beets – These can be incorporated into a lot of different recipes or they can be eaten raw. They are full of betaine and pectin, which help protect the liver and the digestive system. These can cleanse the body so you have fewer toxins.

8. Grapefruit – This fruit helps cleanse the digestive system and it can prevent kidney stones from developing. It’s also low in natural sugars and calories, so it’s great for dieting.

9. Sunflower Seeds – These are great to snack on and can detox the liver so it’s healthier. It can also get rid of harmful toxins floating around in the body. In addition to this, it prevents cholesterol from building up and causing body damage.

10. Lentils – These aid the digestive system to cleanse and detox your body. Lentils also lower the cholesterol and help balance the blood sugar inside of your body.

So there you have it, 10 food items which can help you go on that detox diet. So which will you be eating more of? Tell us, leave your comments.

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