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Our PR girl and avid solo traveller Cynthia has taken her voice onto the digital airwaves with a funky weekly conversational radio show concept #GistWithCynthia on digital radio station Urban Jazz Radio.


#GistWithCynthia is a fun conversational concept covering a variety of topics weekly on fashion, beauty, travel, business, money, relationships and a review of social media trending items topped with ofcourse a selection of music tracks from afrobeats to dancehall from Cynthia’s playlist. “The show is a place where myself, my guests and my audience can air our views and just gist on a variety of topics affecting our daily lives or our community in an informal and fun way.” states Cynthia.

The show which kicked off at the beginning of this year amidst positive feedback with special guests fashion blogger Hilda Ngelo, fashion brand manager and accountant Sonya Foretia and mind strategist Dee Burrowes is now well into its 12th episode this coming week. So far, Cynthia has received over 20 guests all from various backgrounds in music, PR, events, content creation, health, fashion, art & design, film production etc and is looking forward to speaking to many more.

The great thing about #GistWithCynthia is that anyone can be part of the show.” added Cynthia. Yes, YOU too can be part of the weekly gist sessions by either tuning in and listening online on link below and contributing your views by using the hashtag #GistWithCynthia or following Cynthia @brownschuga on Twitter. You can also call the studio on (0044) 0203 432 1333 and if you are in London, ofcourse you are welcome to join Cynthia at the studio in South East London!

Launching or launched a new business, new project, new initiative or have a client who fits the bill? Feel like guest presenting with Cynthia? No sweat, just drop us a message on the social media profiles listed or email address given.

Just be ready to join the conversation and gist! Tune in, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm.

Audios from past shows will soon be available to listen to online. Sincere thanks to all the guests and listeners/contributors so far! See you on Tuesdays…!


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The concept of Public/Press Relations in Cameroon has come a long way picking up particularly this past year amongst the entertainment and lifestyle brands especially.

Three years ago, many brands were certainly not paying that much attention to how they communicated with their public and the press but things have changed for the better albeit still moving a little too slowly.

Here are some trends which we noticed in 2015:-

2015 PR Trends

1. Launch events:

Launch events have certainly taken a turn for the better in Cameroon and this past year alone, the number of events for product launches (albums, EPs, new brand products), art initiatives, fashion initiatives have increased overall. The organisation and the creative flair behind these events have also improved drastically.

2. Press Conferences:

The use of press conferences to introduce a new brand, product, or new event to media reps has been one of the oldest form of communication in Cameroon and it was still one of the most popular trends of the past year.

3. Use of hashtags:

The use of hashtags for product launches, events, and for voting in award shows has become so popular especially in 2015 that you rarely did not see one being used.

Here are 12 popular hashtags from 2015

Tendances RP 2015

4. Radio / TV appearances:

With the increase of urban radio shows and entertainment televised shows, this trend has become particularly popular amongst music artists, event organisers etc because it connects them directly to their audience who get to hear from them firsthand.

5. Collaborating with influencers:

Influencer / brand relationship building has been one of the newest trend of 2015 which we hope will continue this new year. Popular social media influencers were used at key events providing another way for brands to market their products to old and new audiences.

Here are 2 areas which we would love to see grow this year:-

New Trends

1. Storytelling:

What we are looking forward to seeing is the growth of storytelling in brand campaigns to tell a compelling story about the brand and to connect with audiences on another level. If you can get people to identify with what you are selling, then you’ll convert them into loyal customers.

2. Measuring / Evaluation of PR campaigns:

Tracking views on videos, number of likes and shares can enable you to evaluate the performance of your social media campaign or communication. However, nowadays you can also get a much more detailed analysis by measuring specific outcomes of a campaign, a hashtag, a chat session etc through using specific tools (paying and free). It would be great for brands to start talking in statistics…join brand Stanley Enow and lets talk facts and figures in 2016!

In conclusion, for this new year 2016, we expect these 5 trends to continue trending as well as the continuous use of visual content (photos, videos – we are keeping our eyes out on the growth of Periscope) which according to research shows that written content which contain visuals are much more appealing and are consumed faster than content with plain text.


This year, we saw a recognisable boom in the social media industry. More than 1 billion people are now using Facebook, and more than 80% of small businesses use social media for their branding and marketing efforts. Among the biggest global brands, almost 99% have a social media presence. Truly, social media has changed the way marketing and advertising works.


While 2015 has been a great year for social media, 2016 is predicted to be even better and here are some predictions on social media trends for the new year.

1. More e-commerce features will be available.

The “buy” button may possibly become a distinctive feature in some social media platforms. Facebook ads already allow click-through directly to merchant websites, and it’s not surprising if other networks allow this kind of feature. We may also expect a shopping cart in one of these big social networks soon.

2. Interactions with audiovisual media will increase. 

More than 50% of users say that videos and images are more engaging as compared to simple text posts. Even on micro blogging platforms like Twitter, posts with images get more engagement despite the short captions. This only shows that people are more likely to respond to visual stimulus. Podcasting and audio content may also become a powerful new medium for advertising.

3. Advertising will become more prominent.

More and more companies are using social media ads in addition to Google ads to promote their products. It’s safe to say that in the next few years, our News feed will be dominated by ads and businesses will spend more money on them. It’s also expected that social media platforms will allow more advertising functions, including automated ads and pop-ups.

4. Safety and security will be an emphasis. 

Because of the rising social media trend, more users have become victims of phishing and other cyber crimes. Such concerns call for better security in divulging personal information online. In the coming years, social media platforms will probably have better security features which will prevent identity theft, cyber stalking, and phishing.

5. More platforms will rise…and probably fall or get eaten by the Big Three.

The big three of social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—are the most prominent platforms for businesses. Therefore, they have the biggest money in circulation. Smaller platforms will most likely appear, and they may either become slightly popular enough to stay in the game or get acquired by a bigger business. Many companies have been acquired by the Big Three in the past, with Instagram as one of the most notable mentions. The company was launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012. WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform, was also acquired by Facebook for less than $200,000,000 in 2014. Social media has opened up new possibilities to online users. Company websites and shopping sites still have dominance when it comes to e-commerce, but social media is steadily rising up to the game. Sooner or later, we may find a completely new method of online advertising, but for now, social media is the ultimate trend and it isn’t going anywhere.

Credit: Charles Crawford | Social Media Today | Google Image


We will be talking fashion from a Cameroon perspective soon on Fashion Business Africa, a portal delivering an informed, analytical and opinionated information about how fashion business is done in Africa. The strategies, logistics, personnel, major moves and nitty gritty that take an idea from its conception to the catwalk, showroom or store.

But before we got down to writing our first article, we were given the opportunity to talk Public Relations (PR) in Cameroon with the FBA team…an excerpt is below…

Screenshot (94)

FBA: What does a PR firm in Douala look like?

CT: ModeMaison PR is a full service PR firm in Cameroon. We handle PR for fashion brands, lifestyle, beauty, movies and music brands. Public relations is so new in Cameroon and this is due to the largely Francophone side. I believe that understanding the concept of PR is really an Anglophone thing. The English people grasp it a lot easier than the French. PR is a battle, although things have changed since I started the agency. The fashion, music and film brands are paying more attention to the public image than they used to. A lot of brands are now going online to improve their brand presence, contacting bloggers and using radio stations to promote their stuff.

For the full chat, please go to Fashion Business Africa

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Just in time for the start of a very fashionable 2015 and for our very first fashion related post, the ELLE fashion belles in South Africa have been hard at work to bring us the inside scoop on the 12 hottest trends to keep our eyes on at the shops this year. From fringing to the love-it-or-loathe-it gladiator sandal, these are apparently the fashion must-haves we can’t be without this year. Let’s go!!


Whether it’s the frayed edges of a shirt or a fringed tasseled bag it’s a great way to add measure without taking it overboard.


Judo Closures

Thick belts are a must for spring this season. You could tie anything together with this look.


Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is an essential silhouette this season.


Vertical drop pendant

A must have for Spring 2015 is the vertical drop pendant. From the Art deco movement to Pichulik’s African inspired embellishments the options are endless.


Cropped Top

The crop top is here to stay, with a major direction in both knit and woven tops this season.


Bomber jacket

The number one outerwear item for Spring 2015 is the bomber jacket. Focusing on a variety of contrasting fabrics and silhouettes.


Picnic Checks

Fall brought upon the plaids, but for Spring it’s all about the gingham check.


Army inspired

With a display of riffs on the classic army inspired jacket, military is a must have for Spring 2015.


90-degree shoulders

It’s all about the 90 degree shoulders this season, nothing better to cool off your upper half in the heat.


Flats, slides, and sneakers

Comfortable shoes are here to stay with more diversity, from sneakers to minimal two-strap sandals, there’s something unique for everyone.



Gladiator sandals are a must-have for summer this season. Trending in various styles from minimalistic ankle gladiator sandals to fringed knee-high sandals they are transitional, perfect for almost any occasion.


Crop Top Bikinis

Fringed bikinis and high-waisted bottoms are so last season, athletic inspired crop top bikinis are the new styles for Spring 2015.


What is your favourite trend this 2015? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

Credit: Elle SA

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR